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mom loved it

The basket was great value with a perfect assortment to compliment the liquor. It arrived on time and was exactly what I expected. I have ordered gift baskets for others...thought it was time I sent one to myself to check out the positive comments I received back. I was more than delighted and satisfied, and will continue to send baskets from Wine Country in the future. Thank you again.

excellent gift option

Beautifully packaged and presented. Sent 3 of these baskets to different areas of the country. Everyone loved them! Exact ON TIME arrival -- especially at the end of the year holiday rush! Have already recommended Northpole Gift Baskets to friends.

great gift basket

Since my son and his wife left the U.K. to live in Toronto present giving has been difficult to say the least. Recently we discovered Northpole Co and used them to send a happy holidays gift. I can highly recommend this company, ordering was hassle free, we were kept fully updated by email as to progress and delivery times and my son and daughter in law were truly delighted when the gift arrived, commenting particularly on presentation. I will definitely be using You guys in the future

great gift!!

My daughter had the day off so she was there to get the package - had been giving hints but she was so surprised when the package arrived and she saw what it was. They have finished everything - she said they loved everything in the basket and were impressed with the variety of items. The wine jelly was a real hit. The chocolates were really nice and really tasty and creamy. My daughter also loved the wine and the cutting board which looked very nice. She said it was the "best gift she has received" since becoming an adult.

nice gift

This basket was the perfect gift. My sister loves pasta and whiskey and was very happy with this assortment. She loved it all! Good price and the presentation was fabulous. I'm a happy customer. Thank you very much. I will be ordering from this site for all my special gifts.

amazing gift!!

I bought the Christmas Tea Time Gift Set as a happy holidays gift for a coworker, and it was a great success. She loved the charming teapot and cup, and thought the tea was great, and was almost more enthusiastic about the crate itself, and the reusable cutting board. Highly recommended!


I received this as a happy holidays gift from a dear friend who lives out of state and I have to tell you what a pleasant surprise it was! The basket was filled with amazing goodies. I loved the cheeseball something very unique and new for me! Loved the crackers as well. The cheese knives and the cutting board were a good addition and love it. The delivery was on thanksgiving so I started the day with a smile.

very happy with the purchase

My parents loved this basket: especially the sauces and the pretzels for snacking. They like the little serving board as well. My mom thought that the plush toy was really cute. I didn't actually see the basket so I can't judge the value for myself, but my parents seemed genuinely happy.

great products and service

I sent this to my sister & brother-in-law for the holidays. They live in Canada & I am in New Jersey. She called to thank me and said it was one of the most elegant gifts they have ever received!!! She loved how the icewine and wine were put in the santa pants. Thought it was a very creative packaging. I am so happy that I chose your website and will highly recommend it to my friends & family.

very nice

i purchased one basket for my parents and another for my neighbours for the holidays both arrived promptly and with the greeting card attached. parents were very pleased with the product. They loved the cheese ball and the wine. They havent tried anything like the cheeseball. My neighbours too were very excited about the basket and said that it was most beautiful holiday basket they ever received. Thank you guys keep up the good work.

Happy with it

Got it for my sister and she appreciated it. It reached her on time and she was quite impressed with its notes and flavors. Would like to order it again. Thanks!

Liked it very much

As a beer enthusiast, I would say that this beer has impressed me a lot. It pours a lovely clear reddish brown with a big white head. Aromas majorly remind you of caramel with some maltiness. Taste is great with a slight bitterness in the finish. A nice .clean drink. Would have it again.

happy customer

I ordered this for my brother's birthday. He loved it. He called when he got it and was going on and on about how cool it was. He couldn't wait to try a couple of the beers he'd never had before.he also loved the info card about the beers. I also added gourmet foods as an add on and he told me that they were of great quality too and is already chomping on them.Great surprise for him.

Worth giving a try

Got this on my birthday for my friends and they loved it. The beer tasted of espresso and roasted malt with the similar aroma. Bitter hops and bitter chocolate. It had a bit thin body but it can't be called bad. It was delivered at the requested time and the service is really appreciable. Would recommend it.

Different but great

It had a great aroma with tangy, hoppy roast character. The flavor was sweetish fruity with a malt base. Medium bodied with a nice palate and moderate carbonation. It was not exactly what I expected but it was really good. Yes, would like to have it again.

Liked it

I have tasted many beers and this one falls in the nice ones among them. It was very smooth, with subtle and mild flavor. It is simple but really enjoyable with a long-lasting head. Due to its association with cask. a certain woodiness is evidently notable in the taste. It's worth giving a try.

A pretty good one

Got it as a present and had a great day enjoying it. It has brilliant aromas Aroma of fruity with some herbal character. Its flavor has an acidic fruitiness, and a hint of caramelized sugar. With a fairly lively carbonation, it makes a great refreshing drink. Recommended.

Pretty solid and creamy

My husband got a little crate of this one as a casual gift from a client and we found it amazing. It pours deep black and had a rich cocoa content. The mouthfeel was creamy and full, with a great mid-palate complexity and hints of sweet chocolate. Would make a nice drink for a little party. Recommended.

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Decent packaging, nice service.

After my bad experience with another site, I feel compelled to review this as it was my second order here and it was a hit as was the first one. The delivery was exactly on time with a good quality product. It was a smooth beer with very clean and fruity maltiness and moderate carbonation. Loved it.

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Easy to drink

It was a flavorful drink with a fruity aroma of lime and grapefruit and a medium carbonation. It had a fruity nose and a warm cap with a great lacing. I would surely love to have it again. Thanks for the service.

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Liked it

Received it as a gift and really liked the way it felt and tasted. It had a medium sized white head with a light musk and a bit of citrus on the nose. Average medium bodied and a bit of wheat with light lemon. It also had a hint of bitterness with a melon undertone. Quite relishable and great to enjoy with your folks.

Awesome gift

It was housewarming present from a friend, and though I had it for the first time, it felt really good. It tasted great with perfect aromas of fruits and some rich earthy tones and had a lovely, full body The packaging was great too. Would like to give it a go again.

It was great

With a nice ring of tan head and slight lacing, the beer reminds you of guava throughout. The nose is fruity with light yeasts. It had a light body with average carbonation and a tang of bright acidity. Overall, it was a likable drink. Received it on time in a great state.

Tarty, dry and sweet

It had a very pleasant aroma with lots of fruity and tarty guava notes with hints of lime. Appears a hazy gold with a slight ring of white head. It was very unlike the other ales I had, but I enjoyed it. Happy with the service.

Good stuff

This was a brilliant gift I got from my brother. The carbonation was low, and the mouthfeel was a bit watery. One might find the finish a bit sour. The hint of tropical fruit is strong throughout, with some light notes of wheat and minerals in the end. Really nice stuff. Recommended.