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Calming Notes African Violet Plant

  • In the perfect burst of colour, the Calming Notes African Violet Plant from Toronto Blooms is the perfect way to add life to your spaces. The vibrant flowers of this plant are sure to elevate any space and make them look cheerful. Pair it with your favourite gourmet or liquor items to make this gift truly special

  • This potted plant is a lush African Violet in a ceramic pot. If you wish, you can add any wine, champagne, beer, liquor or gourmet gifts from our list of add-ons to this gift. 

    Please Note: This gift basket contains perishable items. To guarantee freshness, we highly recommend that an express shipping method (Same-Day, Next-Day or Overnight) be used to ship any order consisting of fruits/chocolate-dipped fruits, cakes/baked goods, flowers/plants, cheese, and all other perishable items.


Customer Reviews

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A little help for African Violet newbies

I ordered an African violet plant for my 90-year-old stepmother in Florida. The plant got there just fine with just a little droopiness -- but it perked up after a little watering. My only issue is that there were no helpful hints or instructions with the plant. My stepmother called me for assistance with watering and sunlight, and I was able to search online for some tips, but I think she'd feel better had there been something from New York Blooms attached. She's also concerned about transferring the plant to a planter with drainage. But she thinks the violets are beautiful, and overall we both are happy.

Mireya Galvan
The recipient was thrilled

I got this plant for a friend who has green fingers and loves adding new plants to her little garden. As expected, she was chuffed with the plant, moreover, she said she didn't have any flower of this color with her. It did look splendid. With one look at the plant, she said its growth rate would be good. Highly recommendable.

Dixie Camacho
I love this plant

It was my penchant for vibrant and bright colored flowers that made me pick up this one. It arrived a day late but was so pretty that I forgot all about the late delivery. Healthy, blooming plant with velvety leaves and peppy violet flowers. I am really fond of it. Thank a lot for this, guys!