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Popular Wedding Flowers & What They Mean

July 26, 2022

Popular Wedding Flowers & What They Mean

Planning the ultimate dream wedding can be as nerve-racking as it is exciting. From caterers and venues, to guest lists and décor, meticulous planning is always key. And of course, everyone knows that no wedding is complete without flowers, the pièce de résistance of wedding décor. Whether you’re having a rustic country ceremony or a glamorous destination wedding, flowers exist in a multitude of patterns and shades, with symbology that’s perfect and personalized for every couple. Here are a few widely popular wedding flowers and what they represent.


Traditionally the most popular and beloved flower, roses have always worn the crown when it comes to wedding blooms and for good reason. These stunning beauties represent passion (red), purity (white), grace (pink) and immortality (orange) among many other striking colors and characteristics.


Known for symbolizing purity, innocence, and virtue, lilies come in variants like the Peruvian Lily and Calla Lily that are a popular choice for wedding flowers. Cala Lilies come in various shades and often form the centerpiece of the bride’s bouquet. Their elegance is used to denote strength, magnificence, honour, and beauty.

Baby’s Breath

Quiet, shy, and magical are some of the words used to describe baby’s breath – the loyal sidekick to grand and fabulous flowers that are often used to support and showcase the beauty of the bigger flowers in an arrangement. Baby’s breath symbolizes spirituality and everlasting love, and they make for romantic additions to the groom’s boutonniere as well as an innocent accessory to flower-girl crowns.


Long a symbol in love in various cultures, carnations hold a special place in wedding décor and symbolize the power of love. While pink carnations symbolize a mother’s undying love, deep red and other dark carnations represent passion, good luck, and purity.


A happy and cheerful bloom known for its sunny disposition, sunflowers make great accessories for a late summer or an early fall wedding. As the head of the flower follows the sun as it moves across the sky, sunflowers are known to denote loyalty and dedication.


A darling bloom that erupts in a burst of colours and patterns, the mighty tulip reflects abundance, generosity of spirit, and everlasting love. If there ever was a bloom to signify the incredible bond of matrimony, the sturdy and stately tulip is it.

There’s certainly no lack of floral options for the happy couple on their wedding day, and while these represent the most popular flowers for the occasion, you can always explore the numerous other choices that will be perfect for you on your magical day.