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by staff acct August 26, 2022

When you hear the word “flowers”, it evokes visions of summer meadows or gardens sprinkled with colorful blooms, butterflies flitting from branch-to-branch, the sun shining bright on a crisp day, and time well spent with friends and family in the park. Spring and Summer have always been peak flower seasons, and for good reason – the weather is warm, the soil is packed with nutrients, and the time is right for flowers to bloom.

However, not all flowers are meant to sway in the summer breeze; some prefer the cooler winds of Fall and Winter, displaying their resilience. Here are a few Fall and Winter blooms that make great presents for loved ones or even a lovely accessory for your seasonal holiday gatherings.

  • Chrysanthemums

Not only do ‘mums’ come in various autumnal shades of orange, yellow, and gold, these popular blooms are a great gift for birthdays, anniversaries, and any special occasion that comes later in the year when the more traditional Spring flowers are no longer in season.

  • Snowdrop

These beautiful and shy little blooms with downturned pearl-white petals are a visual delight. Snowdrops excellent Fall flowers, as some species bloom in November and stay in season past February.

  • Pansy

Known for their riot of colours and variety of patterned petals perfect for every occasion, the humble pansy is a staple Fall flower, with some species known to start blooming from late September to well after Christmas. A lucky few also stay flowering right up to February.

  • Beautyberry

An unsuspecting but endearing little bloom is the exquisite Beautyberry – aptly named for the bright purple berries sure to make a lovely addition to any garden. They’re a low maintenance flower and their no-fuss characteristics make them perfect for all seasons, particularly colder weather.

Special mentions – Herb & Winter Garden Edition

  • Witch Hazel

These flowering shrubs are not only known for their medicinal qualities (several of them anti-inflammatory in nature) but they also make great Fall plants, blooming from September to November.

  • Russian Sage

While the name suggests a delicacy of some sort, the Russian ‘sage’ is not edible by itself, but rather is used as an agent for upset stomach and fevers, as well as for symptoms of the common cold or flu.

  • Winter Honeysuckle

The unmistakably delightful scent of a winter honeysuckle is sure to put you in a great mood, especially come Fall. This tough little shrub is a late Winter/early Spring bloomer and features an easy maintenance routine. It’s sure to be a great addition to any garden.

There you have it – an assortment of beautiful Fall and Winter flowers that you can enjoy yourself or have delivered to friends and family. Make every season an occasion for gorgeous blooms!

staff acct
staff acct


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